Corner Gourmet Rodante!

It rains heavily at the Brenner Pass, returning from Monaco of Bavaria, but I push on the accelerator of my poor point, fortunately at this time the trucks if they are good good lined up in the slow lane. I do not want to be late: to deviate from Affi highway driving, I have an appointment in Ferrara di Monte Baldo, the Antica Locanda Il Pavone, with the legendary Rodante once Errante cook, and now stabilized in a quiet village of 50 souls in the mountains around lake Garda.

Piu ‘a dinner, a meeting with a real character: Rodante, the Cook Errante, throughout Italy and throughout Europe. It welcomes me warmly and immediately begins to tell me about his new inn, in this tiny village of passage to the Monte Baldo. And then immediately we attach to talk about wine, cooking, preparation …

The beauty and ‘share’ s basic approach: the pursuit of quality / price ratio. Basic Philosophy of the Bomb’s Guide, it is primarily the foundation of the Rodante and accompanies both in the choice of the choice of wines, both gastronomic. Son all good to eat or drink well by spending a fortune, the beauty is the pursuit of quality without forgetting the price, which should be tailored to what is offered. Whether what we pay as customers, both in the case of Rodante what is offered as a restaurateur.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho L'Angolo Gastronomico di Rodante!

Also interesting is the approach of Rodante FUSION: that fuse the traditional preparations of gastronomy, with local realities. Here then are the herbs of Monte Baldo, collected and dried by Rodante, which enrich the dishes or become ingredients in the preparation of the famous salt Rodante, I’m just experiencing these days to enrich my preparations. Or the local cheeses, the meat of farmed animals and game, etc.

And another thing we have in common: the restaurants you go to eat well, not for the service 🙂 And then also go for the raw style trattoria, but where you eat a pasta and beans to scream …

I leave it entirely up to Rodante for the choice of dishes, which proved apt choice.

Appetizer, a cheese pudding accompanied by mustard. Part of the mustard is made with local products from the same Rodante. Very good pudding, delicate flavor that goes well with the mustards not too spicy. Coupled really a great little wine, a Soave DOC – Cru Roccolo – The Mandolare, on sale for less than 10 Euros in the wine bar, which of course ends straight yarn in the reports of the wine guide of the Bomb’s Guide.

Algae Ravioli with butter and herbs of Monte Baldo: another very interesting preparation, ravioli made with regular flour but supplemented with a small percentage of corn flour and durum wheat. Excellent.

Tagliatelline Rodante sauce: a sauce ‘very good, with little presence of sauce, but very tasty. The secret, he reveals Rodante, and ‘adding some special pieces of meat, including the “butt” of ham and chicken livers, and of course the slow cooking

Carré of lamb with smells of the Monte Baldo: Irish meat, really great, just seared and soft, literally melts in your mouth.

Chocolate cake with a soft heart, recipe well known to the public of IHC, he is always a great pleasure for the throat. Curiosity, its origin dates back to the chef of the restaurant in Rome Giuda Ballerino

In the meantime, keep talking, and Rodante tells me of his experiences in Italy and around the world, some strange proposals of work to go to work in India to service a multi-millionaire who organizes unlimited budget party … And its field studies, his research on recipes: dell’Amatriciana interesting history! To understand the style of the character, when Rodante has made up his mind to definitively clarify the origin of the dish, and ‘went the origin of everything, in the Marches, in Amatrice. And he began to investigate, questioning the old lady of the country, the butcher, the hotelier, restaurateur, the newsagent … to shed light on the origin of the dish! That just seems to have taken the name to Amatrice not directly, but by young emigrants around the world, working as cooks, who have dedicated to their country of origin that dish was to them almost daily.

Towards the end of the evening, it turns out a beautiful proposal: a corner of the Bomb’s Guide dedicated to Rodante! Questions and answers concerning the gastronomy of course, a space that site readers can use to ask for recipes, clarify doubts on preparations, tips for preparing an original dinner, etc.

It seems to me an excellent initiative, especially the fact that a person with thirty years of international experience and made practical in the kitchens of large restaurants, study, sperimentazio