The Bomb’s Guide is an amateur guide, run by a group of friends gourmet lovers of good wine and good food.
Tired of guides increasingly deployed and ever increasing costs, we focused first identifying and then in spreading a culture of drinking wines and high quality beers, but with an eye on the price: so you can drink well and often, without spending a fortune.
We offer an online reporting service on our site wines and beers, offering a high standard at a reasonable price.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho drinking slogan

This is a growing buzz of information between lovers, not affected by commercial and advertising tactics, which provides a real useful and independent service to the discerning consumer … but not willing to believe that everything that glitters is gold.
In addition to this online service, we started to organize events in this style: the first evening, a challenge “Beer vs. Wine,” was a success (see report). There will be new parties in 2009, we have organized in collaboration with suppliers, distributors, artisan producers, with wine suggestions, beers and any wine and food pairings. And always with the research of the highest possible quality for the price you want to spend. Click here to the events taking place in 2010.