Experience Ha Long Bay tour in 2 Days

Let me first give you some bits of information as of why Vietnam is a very nice tourist destination and why it is close to my heart.

Beauty of Vietnam

The surreal beauty of Vietnam filled with green vegetation, tall trees, and mountainous terrain makes it ideal for an environmentalist like me. Its unique rural beauty and the warm weather calls for people like me. I just love the idea that they have also come a long way from being torn by war and is now a thriving country that offers warm hospitality and great service which makes it very addictive.

Vietnam has a lot to offer, from modern city life to trekking and experiencing cultural diversity up the hills and mountains. The most popular place to go if you are into modern city life is for you to visit Saigon. Here you will see lots of high-class restaurants, hotels, and lots of historical places to see. But if you are like me who wants to see the natural beauty of this tropical paradise I suggest you visit a travel agent where they can suggest that you visit lots of tourist spots like the floating villages in many various places, visit lots of cultural areas as well as great tourist spot like Ha Long Bay.

Ha long Bay

I have first heard about Ha Long Bay from a friend who suggested I look up for this place online. When I saw it first, my first reaction looked like a typical tropical place not until I have seen Ha Long Bay. That is when I said, “Oh my gosh, this is definitely where I would like to go to next!”. And here I was after 3 months of planning the vacation, and of course, I brought along my husband.

Now let me tell you why it caught my attention. Halong Bay is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site and It is not easy being voted as one. When you come to this magnificent place, you will then know why it is hailed as one and why it deserves this title. The videos and photographs can’t compare to experiencing it yourself. Continue reading “Experience Ha Long Bay tour in 2 Days”